The Prophecy of the Future of America

By | 17.04.2017

I live in Ukraine and not interested much in US and everything that happens there. In
Spirit I saw some thing about this country I want to share.
In the February 2017 I listened to the prophecy about US for 2017 on the SId
Roth channel(link >) . In that program was said about new President Trump etc. And
suddenly I heard from God: “You (Ukraine) pay your price for freedom from the
communism spirit, they (US) – would pay their price for the freedom from the
spirit of tolerance”.
If someone does not know, today we go through some difficulties: the war and
economic crisis. All these things are related as I can see, to the changes in spiritual area
over our country. I do not allege that you would go through the same cataclysms, as we
did, but I can assure they would have their problems because of their choices.
God released His Angels to bring the changes to the Earth, and directed history in the
needed channel. But everything, what God does, has its own price, for this reason I see
like Ukraine pays price for freedom from communism slavery, US would pay their price
for the freedom from tolerance, to get free from the spirit of political correctness, which,
like net has covered this country.
Everything what happens now in Ukraine US and Great Britain – are the links in
one and the same chain. God started to transform our countries. God’s Angels were
released to bring changes to different parts of the world. They start to act, and for this
reason, in spiritual realm started movement, which is reflected in physical world. Natural
cataclysms, economic crisis, wars etc – are the consequences of the movement of the
changes in the spiritual realm.
God is leading through difficulties. He has one purpose – to clean the Earth from
the idols and transform it. So don’t be afraid going through some problems.
God doesn’t keep us from difficulties but gives us strength to go through them.
God didn’t save Joseph from problem but lead him through them. In the trials God
shaped Joseph, He formed the one He wanted to see. So in the difficulties God would
transform our countries. These are God’s ways. Through humiliation comes elevation.
When we go through humiliations, problems and crisis, we must remember, that
everything Lord does, is because of for His love. It may be hard for us right now, but if
we stay in God’s will, the fruits of consequences would be the blessings for us.
It is in suffering, God leads us through, things which God put in our spirit are born
into the physical world.
Therefore to see significant changes in physical world, changes must happen in
spiritual realm over the country first. In this way all the turbulences we must go through – are for the reason of changes in spiritual realm. Everything has it’s own price. And the
result of the thing US would go through would be the freedom from tolerance spirit, which
holds this country in slavery.
As the result, God’s fire would burn and revival would start.
March 2017

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