The wind of Almighty God in Ukraine.

By | 14.11.2017


I’d like to share with you some of my visions I saw during the last three years. To be honest I don’t like to talk about my revelations, but, I think, now is the time to share, as I have strong desire, like a fire that burns in my heart.
I saw the Spirit of the Almighty God blowing.
The reason is following: God’s glory comes through the judgment. For this reason God’s judgments began in Ukraine.
It is described in the book of Revelation than before the Second Coming of the Christ, Angels would pour out their judgements. The judgments are needed, not because God is evil, and wants to punish His creations. In the book of Revelation Angels pour out judgments with a specific reason – to prepare the Earth for the Second coming of Christ in His glory. Thus God pours out His wrath with the desire to bring His changes. For God’s order be present, He judges idols. These are the judgments that clean the Earth from idols and bring changes.
My first expiration, I want to tell you about, happened in the middle of November 2013. That weekend I sit waiting for God’s movement. Then, something like burden came upon me, and started to cry out. The reason for my moaning was the thing that I’ve been waiting for too long for my miracle, And God still didn’t show it to me. Then I saw white cloud rising and saw God’s wind. Later I realized that that cloud was His judgements. At that moment I lived abroad and didn’t even think about Ukraine, but in a couple of days I read in the news that euromaidan started in Kyiv
My next vivid vision I saw in september 2014. It was a hard time for Ukraine and for me too. At that moment there had been the following events: Ilovaisk massacre of Ukrainian army, my sister and her children migration to us from the eastern part of Ukraine, my necessity to return home from abroad in a such unpleasant moment. Suddenly, in such a situation, supernatural joy came into my heart. I just could not worry about it any longer, because of what I saw. I saw God releasing the army of His Angels over Ukraine. I remembered the story about Elisha and his servant (2 Kings 6:8-23). At that hard time almost all the city churches went to the central square united to pray for Ukraine. And when christians cried for help on their knees, God acted.
Later I received the confirmation to my revelation. In a short period of time there was a TV show on TBN called “it is supernatural”. This show was on air in English in may 2014 (link >>) . Larry Randolf talked about his vision, he saw an Angel with a sword over Russia, it was a checkmate to the war. Thus God’s Angels themselves take part in this war, to turn around the history of the war to the direction God needs. And as we can see it today God directed this war to the deadend, and devils plans for Ukraine were destroyed.
It was so unusual: at the moment when your life was ruined, there were chaos, poverty, death and war all around, to see the way God’s wind moved. It was like a hurricane, hugging the Earth. Huge portion of wisdom and love towards Ukraine was released from God’s wind. At that moment I felt what was the Jobs book about, when Almighty God talked to him from the hurricane.
The next vivid vision I saw at the beginning of the 2015. Finally I got the understanding that God’s blowing was directed against political system. To be honest from the beginning of the events in 2013, I did not completely understand what was going on there. At the beginning of the 2015, God reminded me about the prophecy, I had heard in 1998. Famous at that moment prophet Robert C. Liardon was in Kyiv. At that early years he prophesied against the spirit of communism in Ukraine. Only at the beginning of 2015, the clarity from God came to me that everything that is going on in Ukraine are God’s judgments for the spirit of communism. The God’s wind blows against this system. When God reminded me about it at the beginning of this year, He noticed that in may was the seventieth anniversary of the victory over fascism, at was going to be the date when the spirit of the communism falls down. It was a great surprise for me, when God proved His words.Literally in a couple of months, I saw the news about a bundle of laws of decommunization. In the news I read, it was underlined, that following bundle of the laws, was going to be accepted on the ninth of may (the seventieth anniversary of the victory over fascism). As the result, the laws were signed, and communism as ideology, is outside the law.
Thus, it became obvious, why then, at the end of 2013, the wind of Almighty God started to blow. The first thing the Lenin statue in Kyiv fell down, later they started to fall all over the country. Then the war started in the spiritual realm, and it is obvious that it reflected in physical world. God’s Angels were released against the prince of the communism, and waves of this war still can be seen in physical world.
I have noticed that God’s significant revelations come when I am helpless. In one of the Sundays of may 2016, I felt weak, so I could not go to the church meeting. Two pieces of new stuck into my eyes, first – gay march in Kyiv, and second – the shooting in the gay club in the USA. At the moment when gay marched in Kyiv, God’s judgments came suddenly in the USA. But, it was not, what puzzled me. There came the understanding of the way God looks to this situation. God told “Now is my turn, I give you my grace to create new families”. Later, the approval to this revelation I found in the Bible: “But where sin increased, grace increased all the more”. (Romans 5:20)
In the winter-spring season 2016, it became clear, that God’s judgments poured over church too. The one famous pastor’s sin was revealed in Ukraine. God made me feel the pain for that pastor. I remembered David’s Cry for Saul, The way mighty fall. (2 Samuel 1:17-27) Now is the time when God raises His Davids.
I saw one more thing, because of God’s wind pressure the church and the society started to transform. A lot of significant people emigrate from the country. The wind blows them out of settled places. These people do not find their own places and just leave. I don’t claim that all people who leave do it because of the wind. I understand it as the shift of generations.Something like what happened at the beginning of the nineties, when some ministers left, and God raised new instead of them. Thus, God’s wind bring changes and rearrangement both in society and in the church. Through the judgments God brings His order to these institutes.
Then I saw Jesus coming out of the wind to those who are broken. He spread His fire. Sick people accepted His fire and started to move in performing miracles. Poor and unemployed got the ideas from Him for new business. New opportunities opened before them, those who lonely got grace to create new family.
Finally I saw the Spirit of Almighty God moved upon the Earth, judgments in one hand and mercy in the second. Now is the time for Ukraine when He pours out His mercy. And His mercy is following: huge flames of fire rise over Ukraine, it is not the fire of war, everyone is waiting for, but the flames of God’s glory. The fire that raises from dead. Now Holy Spirit
invites His army to the war. It’s His army. The army of weak, sick, broken and meak. And nothing is impossible for His soldiers, because the fire of Almighty God is upon them.
No matter you are young or old, ten years or one hundred, there is only one criteria, God chooses His army – the brokenness for Him. He gives His fire to those who can’t assign His glory to themselves. If you feel helpless or weak, join the army of the Lord, and He is going to use you.
In confirmation that it the time God releases His fire, I refreshed my memory, the prophecy, God released through Roberts Liardon in Kyiv 1998. The second things He was teaching about the working of miracles. Now is the time for them to reveal. Now is the time when God releases His fire for the gifts to the church in Ukraine.The gifts He kept for this moment.
May the God’s grace be with you.
Pavel Ch.
february 2017

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